What would be the ideal kitchen for the urban singles of the 21st century?
Looking beyond tea-kitchens and flatshares, we propose a new typology to generate this altered space: an urban hybrid along the London Overground network, combining the space of a food market hall with affordable rental housing units. Forming a new kind of indoor public park, the convenience and organisational intelligence of a supermarket is merged with the comfort and autonomy of a private kitchen. This is the Food Palace. It looks as if it was picnic time under the roof of the botanical gardens. By placing the kitchen here, and out of the private individual unit, the later can be optimised and more attractive to develop as a new form of affordable housing. Meanwhile, the compression of public functions into a “food palace” enables a more sustainable urban food supply chain.>>>

This project is one of four finalists of the Royal Academy's Urban Jigsaw competition.
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